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Code of Professional Responsibility


IPLAC is a not-for-profit organization representing the financial business profession. Its primary purpose is the advancement of the profession and professional through advocacy, education and professional development.
Professional development is undergoing a significant change world wild. We are learning through new methods of teaching pedagogy and through very pragmatic development styles, that we can distill key skills and new strategic thinking to professionals much quicker than traditional methods assume. While some in the business simply offer proprietary training, the IPLAC was established largely by graduate professionals and experts from the field by developing accreditation, graduate and certification standards.

Code of Professional: Welcome

Purposes of the Code

The Code communicates our professional values to new practitioners, stakeholders, and the public. The Code is a guide to reflection, decision making, and action in two broad areas of ethical concern: society and the profession.
I: The Social Principles
Because of their responsibilities to society, finance business, managers:
Support the creation, maintenance, and use of authentic, reliable, usable knowledge and support the development and use of skill and knowledge that place a high priority on accuracy and integrity.
Affirm the legal, ethical, and moral use of knowledge and skill.
Affirm that the collection, maintenance, distribution, and use of knowledge and skill about individuals is a privilege in trust: the right to privacy of all individuals must be both promoted and upheld.
II: The Professional Principles
Because of their responsibilities to their employers or clients:
Strive to serve the client or employer at the highest level of their professional competence.
Recognize illegal or unethical related actions and inform the client or employer of possible adverse consequences.
Avoid conflict of interest or improper gain at the expense of clients, employers, or co-workers.
Maintain the confidentiality of privileged information.
Recognize the need for careful action to assure appropriate access without violation of the others rights.
Pursue an appropriate program of ongoing education for the professional practice, which may include certification.
Accurately represent their education, competencies, certifications, and experience to superiors, clients, co-workers and colleagues in the profession.
Enrich the profession by endorsing the sharing of knowledge, experience, and research; encourage public discussion of the profession's values, services, and competencies.
Embrace and practice an attitude of cooperation and mutual respect for the contributions of other professionals and attempt to create an atmosphere in the best interests of clients or employers.

Code of Professional: Welcome



IPLAC是一個代表金融業務專業的非營利組織。 其主要目的是通過宣傳,教育和職業發展推動專業和專業發展。
專業發展正在經歷一場重大變革。 我們正在通過新的教學方法和非常務實的發展方式學習,我們可以比傳統方法更快地向專業人員提煉關鍵技能和新的戰略思想。 雖然企業中的一些人只提供專有培訓,但IPLAC主要由研究人員和該領域的專家通過開發認證,研究生和認證標準建立。

Code of Professional: Welcome



Code of Professional: Welcome
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