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Building a Better Future

IPLAC is in alliance with some business schools in the world. If you desire to be recognized by our worldwide academic and professional organization and improve your education, resume, or credentials, then, you are taking the best step to a better career and achieving graduate financial designations.  The International Professional License Accreditation Council is a worldwide financial professional organization with members in many countries hosting and organizing conferences worldwide. The International Professional License Accreditation Council allows certification for individuals with qualifying education and experience. These are the steps to apply to be certified with an International Professional License Accreditation Council Designation and Credential.  You can gain authority certification and a certification as a financial professional, wealth manager, market analyst, financial and investment planner, asset manager, trust and estate planning analyst, or economic analyst. IPLAC offers several industries recognized graduate designations to qualified professionals.

Send your resume or CV for a portfolio review.  We accept qualifications such as: An 

ACBSP Equips and ABA Financial Related Degree Credits, 

Vast professional experience,

MBA/Masters or Law Degree, PhD, or CPA, Recognized Designations, and specialization work

Banking or insurance executives with vast experience

Professors and Academic Researchers.

After review, we can quickly notify you as to your eligibility or advanced standing. View our Financial Certifications or Complete a related degree with an IPLAC approved and accredited university program for MFP.

Select a Certification and Then Apply for an Internet Review.

3 and above years of relevant working experience and good faith documentation are required for any designation.

Note on Experience for All IPLAC Certificates:

A master's degree qualifies for 3 years of the required experience.

A Lawyer (law license), LLM, DBA, JD, PhD, CPA, or qualified Doctorate counts for 4 years of the required experience. 

A ChFC , CFA , or CFP  designation holder in good standing with an earned and accredited college degree may also receive some advanced standing toward meeting certification and counts for 2 years of the required experience.

To apply for a portfolio review to see if you pre-qualify, please email your resume or CV.

You must also prove through your good faith submissions and documentation that you have specialized experience to obtain any designation.

Requirement: Welcome


IPLAC與世界上的一些商學院結盟。如果您希望得到我們全球學術和專業組織的認可並改善您的教育,簡歷或證書,那麼您將邁出更好的職業生涯並獲得研究生金融指定。國際專業執照認證委員會是一家全球金融專業組織,其成員遍布全球許多國家,主辦和組織會議。國際專業執照認證委員會允許具有合格教育和經驗的個人進行認證。這些是申請獲得國際職業執照認證委員會指定和證書認證的步驟。您可以獲得權威認證和金融專業人士,財富經理,市場分析師,金融和投資規劃師,資產經理,信託和遺產規劃分析師或經濟分析師的認證。 IPLAC向合格的專業人士提供多個行業認可的畢業設計。


ACBSP Equips和ABA金融相關學位學分,














Requirement: Welcome
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