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IPLAC Mission Statement

IPLAC mission is to serve its global membership and stakeholders as a world leader in educating and reinforcing the international knowledge of executives and potential leadership of financial based institutions. IPLAC mandates consent to high standards of professional conduct and ethics, and IPLAC activities are International in nature and scope.

Founded in 2004 as an independent, non-profit organization, IPLAC is a trusted resource for educators and institutions worldwide. Its mission is to:

  • promote closer financial educational relations between the people of all countries; increase the number of students, scholars and professionals who have the opportunity to study, teach, and conduct research outside of their own country;

  • strengthen and internationalize financial institutions of higher learning throughout the world;

  • rescue scholars and promote academic freedom around the world;

  • foster sustainable development through training programs in financial, energy, environment, business management, and leadership development;

  • partner with corporations, foundations, and governments in finding and developing people able to think and work on a global basis.

Mission and Goals: About Us

Our Goals

The International Professional License Accreditation Council (IPLAC) represents professionalism, community, and the best of the best.

More than a set of initials, we will continue to be the credentialing agency of choice for financial professionals dedicated to excellence.

  • to provide a means for job applicants to inform prospective employers of their qualifications 

  • to provide and measure a standard of knowledge desirable for financial, banking and monetary personnel 

  • to encourage professional practitioners to remain current with financial practices and to qualify for advanced positions

  • to recognize formally those individuals who fulfill the requirements for certification and recertification

  • to foster a sense of community for committed individuals within the financial world 

  • to seek new and innovative ways to grow our community and purpose as the financial environment evolves

Mission and Goals: About Us

IPLAC 使命宣言

IPLAC 的使命是為全球會員和利益攸關方提供服務,使其成為教育和加強高管國際知識和金融機構潛在領導能力的世界領導者。 IPLAC 要求同意高標準的職業行為和道德規範,而且拉加經委會的活動具有國際性和範圍。

IPLAC 成立於2004年,是一家獨立的非營利組織,是全球教育工作者和機構值得信賴的資源。其使命是:

  • 促進各國人民之間更密切的金融教育關係;增加有機會在本國以外學習,教學和進行研究的學生,學者和專業人員;

  • 加強全球金融高等教育機構的國際化;

  • rescue學者,促進世界各地的學術自由;

  • 通過金融,能源,環境,企業管理和領導力發展方面的培訓計劃,促進可持續發展;

  • 與企業,基金會和政府合作,尋找和培養能夠在全球範圍內思考和工作的人。

Mission and Goals: About Us


國際專業執照認證委員會(IPLAC)代表著專業,社區和最好的。 我們將繼續成為致力於追求卓越的金融專業人士的首選憑證機構:

  • 為求職者提供一種方法,告知未來的雇主他們的資格

  • 提供和衡量金融,銀行和貨幣人員所需的知識標準

  • 鼓勵專業從業人員保持最新的財務實踐並有資格獲得高級職位

  • 正式承認符合認證和重新認證要求的個人

  • 在金融界培養忠誠的個人的社區意識

  • 隨著金融環境的發展,尋求新的和創新的方式來發展我們的社區和目標

Mission and Goals: About Us
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